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"College senior Nat Cassidy proves he's good enough for any stage with his turn as Hamlet. . . . It shouldn't be a surprise that Cassidy comes through with such a wily, funny, angry Hamlet, but for the fact that he's doing it now, rather than 10 years from now. . . . This is not your father's Melancholy Dane, a man paralyzed by depression and indecision. Cassidy's Hamlet feeds off his own anger; he's a calculating, would-be angel of death, gathering evidence and biding his time. Cassidy's Hamlet is more a man of action than most versions of the Hamlet character. . . .Hamlet brings out the ham in actors, but Cassidy delivers a careful, naturally modulated performance. His "To be or not to be" soliloquy . . . flows with remarkable ease, neither portentous nor trivial. For this play, Cassidy seems to have subtly changed his vocal timbre; it's darker and a little deeper, with a touch of Richard Burton--a wonderful Shakespeare voice. The other players toil in Cassidy's shadow." James Reel, Tucson Weekly, March 11, 2004
"The deliciously talented Nat Cassidy['s] . . . prince was alive with youthful passions. He played some things lighter than an older . . . actor might - his scene with the skull of Yorick, for instance, was more funny than it was melancholic, as it is often played. But the humor worked with this young Hamlet, and you never once doubted the character's conflicts, his loves, and his anguish over his reluctant duty to avenge his father's death. In Cassidy's hands, the Bard's rhythmic poetry, to quote the character, flowed "trippingly on the tongue." If no one else matched Cassidy's performance, the play would still be worth seeing."
Kathleen Allen, Arizona Daily Star, March 4, 2004
"The play itself is dominated by the absolutely stellar performance of theatre production senior Nat Cassidy in the title role. Readers should stand up now and give Cassidy a �hurrah!� He nailed the performance." Lindsey Muth, Arizona Daily Wildcat, March 4, 2004
'Hamlet' actor read 'Macbeth' in first grade, Arizona Daily Wildcat
Get thee to 'Hamlet' for ghostly tragedy, Arizona Daily Star
"Nat Cassidy is outstanding and often funny as King Midas." Lindsey Muth, Arizona Daily Wildcat, October 23, 2003
Wet and Wild, Tucson Weekly
"Particularly strong [was] Nat Cassidy, who strutted out as Midas with a huge cigar and arrogant, richer-than-thou air." Kathleen Allen, Arizona Daily Star, October 24, 2003
"Nat Cassidy as Ken hits just the right notes of desperation without overplaying the part, and later, when his character is temporarily deafened, he moves smartly through a string of hoary routines in which he misunderstands everything people say, without becoming tiresome." James Reel, Tucson Weekly, June 26, 2003
"[Nominee for MAC Award for Best Actor, 2003] Nat Cassidy's totally neurotic and often befuddled lawyer in ART's production of Neil Simon's "Rumors" was priceless. . . . Understood the need for pristine timing and treating the perfectly silly situations with perfect seriousness." Kathleen Allen, Arizona Daily Star, December 26, 2003
What's all this about 'Rumors?', Arizona Daily Wildcat
"Nat Cassidy played the dual role of Egeus, Hermia's father--a ridiculous old goat with an even more ridiculous wig--and the magical, impish, Pan-like Puck. Cassidy is wiry and flexible enough to tromp around gracefully in a pair of hooves as Puck, and he took genuine delight in wreaking havoc with the other characters. . . . Managed to wrest all that could possibly be funny out of his . . . character." Kathleen Allen, Arizona Daily Star, April 18, 2003